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British are the Thick Man of Europe!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Britain is number 28 in the global league table for maths & number 25 for reading! Yet, why am I not surprised? The amount of people who will say to us how they don’t like maths and can’t stand it… they don’t like numbers… It probably all stems back to a terrible time at school and just the way we teach our kids these days. The worst part of it, is that if people had maths explained to them or got to read enjoyable books from a young age… the fear / boredom / dread of the subject wouldn’t be so bad.

China, Singapore & South Korea make up the top 5 slots…. again, no surprise there either. Is it any wonder the Economy is where it is if the western world can’t add up properly?

Bookkeeping is mathematical in a sense – its the process of adding up and taking away… and a bit of divide and multiply… but it’s not ‘scary’ maths i.e. triganometry or pythagaros …

We identified a fear of maths some time ago, and for this reason developed a Maths game, for kids aged 5-11 years, because we know this is where it all first begins… in Primary School.  And because maths is very 1+1 = 2… and there is no other way around it… you can either solve the problem, or you can’t… there is no in-between.

Do check out the maths game – – screen shots etc., are on the site.

Something has to be done somewhere to improve our score – otherwise we will continue to be the thick man of Europe no, in fact the world!