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Free Schools – the answer? or not?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

There is a lot of news lately about ‘Free Schools’, and if you are a parent – maybe you should be concerned. For those of you that don’t know Free Schools are based on the same ethos as acadamies; They are free to set their own budgets their own curriculum’s, their own hours and are even free from local council control… its a free market!


In September between 10-20 of these schools are set to open. This month, the Guardian reported that the walkout over pension changes could lead to the closure of up to 20,000 primary and secondary schools in England and the government has yet to reveal the cost of the free school project… it doesn’t seem to make any sense! To top it off there is no guarantee to parents that there will be good places available to their children. A uni professor has raised concerns that these schools could take the best teachers, pupils and funding away from already failing schools…


All kids just need a fair chance. A level playing field. One where merit does actually count for something!


But right now, it doesn’t seem to exist. It’s a postcode lottery. If you can afford to live in a good area, with a good school – your life chances are better than those who don’t.


So, taking your child’s education into your own hands is important, now more than ever just giving them a little head start with their learning can make all the difference especially with 1 in 4 kids leaving primary school unable to read or write properly. Yes 25% of primary school pupils, at leaving age – are being failed by the system. Has the government addressed this issue? No, it has taken a little paper like the Evening Standard to launch a literacy campaign!


Take a look at – we have maths books & games aimed at 5-11 yr olds which try and make learning the concept of maths and money a fun experience. There is also a FREE membership club for kids and plenty of games and puzzles to try.


People can’t spell, they can’t count… whats going on?!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Today in the news we are told ‘that poor spelling is costing the uk millions of pounds in lost revenue for internet businesses’. Apparently it is so common place and the money being wasted  by customers put off by these mistakes is very high.

You think that such a mistake would be unlikely given that spell check is so easily available and you would proof read before posting anything online, this seems rather silly and poor common sense. But it has become such a big problem ‘that too many employers are having to invest in remedial literacy lessons for their staff’.

Businesses do not need the added expense of having to fund this problem, or have the time to spend on training staff how to spell! In today’s financial climate such a waste of resources is unthinkable. When setting up a business there are lots of aspects to consider and some things just get taken for granted, If you want helpful ideas on starting a new business or fresh ideas to make your current one work more efficiently for you check out

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Are your customers paying you on time?

Monday, July 11th, 2011

In the news today the Federation of Small Businesses says that late payments are still a big problem for small businesses. 56% of small businesses said that they had written off invoices worth between £1 and £9,000 because of non payment, of those small firms that had been paid late in the year the FSB said that 77% had been hit by late payments from other companies. That is a staggering amount and such a waste of money. In the current economic climate every penny counts and for small businesses a late payment can mean not being able to pay employees.

In 2008 around 4000 businesses collapsed because of late payments, don’t be one of those businesses that fail when this problem can be so easily rectified. You need a credit controller, or a bookkeeper who can do a little bit of your credit control for you.
Don’t let bad accounting disrupt your cash flow, use your company’s time and resources on something more productive than on chasing payments!