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Vote for us! Best Accounting Franchisor!

Monday, September 17th, 2012

We’ve been short listed for the award of: Best Accounting Franchisor! We now just need your vote! Voting is open until the end of Sept 2012!

Vote for Boogles here for 5. “Accounting Franchisor of the Year” !!

Corelegal Invites You To A Seminar in Birmingham

Monday, September 17th, 2012


Birmingham, Wednesday 24th October 2012.  3 hours CPD.

A half-day seminar hosted by Core Legal exploring the opportunities for high street law firms and solicitors in the new legal services market. As the legal market changes, there have been many predictions of carnage in high street law – but it is    not all bad news. There are real opportunities for innovative high street law firms looking to expand.

This Core Legal seminar will provide practical advice on how law firms can grow, with sessions covering:

– Changing business models and working with others to keep the business growing

– Business development tips for law firms staying independent

– How to grow through merger or acquisition


To book: visit


Business Development Opportunities

Growing the business through new business models, partnerships, and law firm networks. A review of current opportunities and their pros and cons, including:

– one-stop shops for professional services

– national/regional law firm networks and franchises

– online legal services

– shared outsourcing

– virtual law firms

Presented by Dave Mort, Director at IRN Research


Going it alone: the first 10 steps in a business development campaign for the high street law firm, including:

– planning/identifying your priorities

– an accurate client database

– identifying opportunities to cross-sell

– research/telemarketing

– digital/social media

– e-newsletters

– client feedback and reputation maximisation

Presented by Jon Hepburn, The Fedora Consultancy



Law firms – mergers and Acquisitions on the High Street

– How to grow your Practice through merger and acquisition

– How do you value a firm you wish to buy [or sell]?

– How do you find firms for sale?

– Who are buying [and selling] firms in the current climate?

– What factors do you look for if you are considering selling or buying a Practice?

Presented by Ray Fox, The Bottom Line Consultancy


Three highly knowledgeable presenters:

– Dave Mort has been researching and analysing the UK legal market for over a decade.

– Jon Hepburn provides marketing and business development expertise to smaller law firms.

– Ray Fox is a specialist in helping Solicitors sell, merge or value their practices.



Date:   Wednesday 24th October 2012. 

Price: £75. Early bird ticket £65 – until 30th September.


To book: visit


Time: 2:00 – 5:00pm (arrive by 1:45pm please)        

Venue: The Cullinan Suite, The Copthorne Hotel, Paradise Circus,

Birmingham, B3 3HJ  (5-6 minutes walk from New St rail station)
Tel: 0121 200 2727.




CoreLegal is an alliance of brilliant minds and talent to support you – the legal profession. A one-stop shop for solicitors who want solutions now.

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HMRC – clamping down on tax-dodging solicitors in London!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

The tax man periodically targets different groups who they think have something to hide. Today on the hit list are solicitors in London. They must be paying themselves huge drawings and HMRC just want to make sure that they’re getting their cut…. Full article on love money here.

Don’t get me wrong – paying tax is necessary in a progressive society as we need to fund schools, hospitals and libraries…

If you are a solicitor in London, and you are concerned that the tax man may want to come and check out that your books are in order… don’t just ‘worry’ but DO SOMETHING about it!! We offer a legal bookkeeping service to solicitors in London and UK-wide. We will keep you in order, adhering to the Solicitors Accounts Rules and help you stay compliant.

All we’d say is don’t wait for the knock at the door. Do things right from the beginning and you’ll sleep a lot more easily at night ! Get it sorted out! The worry and negative emotion arising from knowing that your accounts are a mess can be better applied to dealing with the situation.