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10.8% increase in EDF energy prices

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

EDF are introducing a 10.8% price hike on the energy bills (just in time for Christmas… lovely!). Full story on Telegraph here:

EDF Price Hike

We offer FREE cost savings review! If you have no idea what you spend or where you could make a saving – we can take a look at your bills and help you to figure it out.

Some companies purposefully make it difficult to do the comparision… but we have plenty of practise in this.

See: you can either fax (recent bill 08712448500), email ( or phone us 020 3371 8894 to get a comparison and free review. Please have an old energy recent bill to hand (gas, electric).

Cass Business School Celebrates 10 years in Business

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Boogles Director, and alumni of Cass Business School Lisa Newton is featured in marking their 10 years of opening.

The face of CASS Business School

Some People Have All The Luck!

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Talk About Luck!

Only 8% of people can work it out…

Friday, October 19th, 2012

It’s unbelievable… but a recent study of UK adults, who were given various options, using 2100 units… only 8% could calculate the cheapest deal !!!

I’m not sure if this was supposed to be ‘basic’ maths, or ‘higher level’ maths… but it is rather shocking that generally, most people, can’t manage it.

We recognised that this starts from a young age, and so made a maths game which si free to play on facebook, so that you can practice maths:

See the article Only 8% can work out a saving.

And for everyone else… if you want a FREE COST SAVINGS REVIEW … we will work out what you pay now, and what you could pay if you switched… just contact us here – it can be done by phone, by emai, by fax. Only takes about 10 minutes when you have the right information to hand. Your usage.

We won !! Best Accounting Franchisor 2012 AWARD !

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Whoo hoo !!

We won Best Accounting Franchisor 2012 BKN awards…

Very Very Pleased. Thank you for the votes.


BKN Logo

Free Cost Savings Review

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Its really simple… energy is set to go through the roof (again)… and you have a choice… you sit and suffer (because you have money to burn)

Money to Burn OR you take control, be proactive and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…

We can help you, by looking at what you pay now – your costs… and seeing if this can be reduced… It’s a very simple price comparison… It costs you nothing because it only takes a few minutes, and we’re here to help people make their few pennies stretch that extra mile.

All you need to have to hand (ideally) is your last bill (gas/electric) or to know your annual usage… this can be for business or for individual households… either way – we can still do a quick comparison, and see if we can save you money. if we can – great, if not, at least you tried.

Email us ( or text ‘free review’ to 07854 216 482 – we’ll ring you and see what we can do, or call: 020 3371 8894 and ask for Lisa to call you back for a free review.

See Metro Article: It’s getting Cold … So British Gas raises bills by 8%

It’s getting Cold … So British Gas raises bills by 8%

Payroll Costs on the Rise

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Be aware that Minimum Wage Regulations have increased in the UK. See here for the new levels.

Also, make sure you brace yourself, for the Pensions changes set to come into affect – big firms first, and then the medium, and then the small… employers are going to have to start paying into the pension fund for staff. Its starts in 2012 and carries on into 2016 by which point everyone will be effected. See:

Lots of SMEs owner-managers  are grumbling about not even having a pension themselves… let alone having to find money to pay into someone elses !! Tough! …. the country is broke, and the government are putting the onus back onto the people to save for their own retirement. If you are working full time, flat out and still don’t have enough money to set aside for your future pension… by the time you retire, do you honestly think your situation will have got any better? Or will you still be scrimping along?

A lot of people are just going to wind up and close their doors at this rate because these expenses seem to be on the rise…

But you can’t complain… we’ve been given ample warning… get your financial house in order right now. If you need help – contact us, and we can help you with your financial planning: