Cashflow Template

Cashflow is one of those buzz words which float about a lot, but in reality few people probably really understand. The easiest way is by DOing.

Download our free cashflow template for yourself or use it for your business, and this will help you to plan your money: Cashflow Template example spreadsheet

There is an example page, of a cashflow forecast filled out, so that you can see what a ‘real’ one might look like.

If you need further help, email – this is something we do for clients all the time.

TIP: by having one bill (and one payment) for a few services e.g. gas, electric, phone, internet, mobile – this helps your cashflow because you have more control, and you can budget far more easily, as only one payment is coming out. See: to get one bill for 5 service. Improve your cashflow today!

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