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People can’t spell, they can’t count… whats going on?!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Today in the news we are told ‘that poor spelling is costing the uk millions of pounds in lost revenue for internet businesses’. Apparently it is so common place and the money being wasted  by customers put off by these mistakes is very high.

You think that such a mistake would be unlikely given that spell check is so easily available and you would proof read before posting anything online, this seems rather silly and poor common sense. But it has become such a big problem ‘that too many employers are having to invest in remedial literacy lessons for their staff’.

Businesses do not need the added expense of having to fund this problem, or have the time to spend on training staff how to spell! In today’s financial climate such a waste of resources is unthinkable. When setting up a business there are lots of aspects to consider and some things just get taken for granted, If you want helpful ideas on starting a new business or fresh ideas to make your current one work more efficiently for you check out

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Doing Business in the 21st Century

Friday, February 18th, 2011

So it’s 2011 – a decade of the 21st century has officially passed, and where has it got us? To understand where we are today, it’s helpful to look back into time, as a reference point. We’ve come through various ‘ages’ from Fred Flintstone’s stone age, to the current day information age. In a nutshell – the agrarian age was where we worked the land, and the best position to have was to be a land owner. Then along came the factories and we moved into the industrial age. The best type of business to be in was to be manufacturing / making something and to own plant / equipment / the factory. Then since around the 1950s…we’ve been making a move (slowly at first, then more rapidly), into the Information age – and we have a lot of ‘knowledge’ at our fingertips. But what is the best type of people to be in? Something technological?


The 21st century brings with it plenty of opportunity and excitement for business, but also its challenges and difficulties too. The impact which computers, mobile phones and technology has had on our life cannot be ignored – but what impact does it have on your decision to start a business? Or the type of business which you want to get into?


The book ‘The 21st Century Business Model’ looks at the ideal type of qualities which your business ought to have, to be a success in this century. We may well be in the knowledge / information age, but how do you make a business in this? With sites such as ‘wiki leaks’ and phones being tapped for information – there’s a lot ‘out there’ in the public sphere about us, (true and false), which we may or may not be very happy about. Creating and managing reputation has been a very 21st Century activity. One massive social change about life in this century, is that we’re living a lot longer – and this socio-economic shift in the demographics of society is going to have a huge effect and will shape the future of many businesses to come. Producing a product (be it in leisure, health, travel, IT, media, house & home), aimed at the over 60s – is likely to do very well over the coming years…. Just because they’ll be so much of them – and as a group ‘pensioners’ will have a much more positive association than it does now.


Naturally, you’ll probably need a bookkeeper to manage the books of this 21st century business – and we’ll be here, but it’s an interesting concept of where we’re heading, the ideal type of business to be in, and what changes are ‘bound’ to happen. If you think back to the year 2000 and the turn of this century – it was only 10 years ago, but the landscape was very different. We had the dot com bubble, yet (even then) there was no google, no facebook and no twitter. These businesses have come out of no where and are household names today despite probably never having ‘advertised’ in the traditional way in which we know it – millions of users, daily, globally. Can you think of a business that you can do, which can perform like that?

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