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10.8% increase in EDF energy prices

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

EDF are introducing a 10.8% price hike on the energy bills (just in time for Christmas… lovely!). Full story on Telegraph here:

EDF Price Hike

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Some companies purposefully make it difficult to do the comparision… but we have plenty of practise in this.

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Expenses out of control?

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Greece has been extended (another) life-line. They’ll be getting €130 billion, with some conditions attached – i.e. to reduce national debt from 160% to 120% of GDP with 8 years… The question is – how do you get to a point where you ‘earn’ £100, but yet ‘spend’ £160? When is the last time you took a serious look at what you were spending? Everyone always seems to have a rough idea of income.. but what about the expenses? Have to checked lately to see if your expenses are out of control??

Are your customers paying you on time?

Monday, July 11th, 2011

In the news today the Federation of Small Businesses says that late payments are still a big problem for small businesses. 56% of small businesses said that they had written off invoices worth between £1 and £9,000 because of non payment, of those small firms that had been paid late in the year the FSB said that 77% had been hit by late payments from other companies. That is a staggering amount and such a waste of money. In the current economic climate every penny counts and for small businesses a late payment can mean not being able to pay employees.

In 2008 around 4000 businesses collapsed because of late payments, don’t be one of those businesses that fail when this problem can be so easily rectified. You need a credit controller, or a bookkeeper who can do a little bit of your credit control for you.
Don’t let bad accounting disrupt your cash flow, use your company’s time and resources on something more productive than on chasing payments!

1 in 5 Can’t Get a Job – Here’s Why

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Oh dear. I’ll tell you what the problem is – students today are qualified to the hilt, but yet lack any real-world application of all that knowledge that they’ve spent years acquiring. Often, they know the theory – but lack the practise… and it’s difficult all round. Some, however, have learned the theory, but actually seem unable to apply it.

One student came to us wanting work. I gave them a scenario – the client wants to know how much cash they have – where would they find that information? And the student was unable to apply the situation to the report. They’d find the information on the Balance Sheet. That’s where your bank amounts sit. For someone whose spent 3 years doing a ‘degree in Accounting’ – it’s all rather worrying. Employers want someone who will contribute to their organisation, lots of people want a job… and yet the 2 don’t quite seem to meet! Everyone is left frustrated. Employers aren’t there to babysit people.

Small businesses especially don’t have the luxury of telling people how to think – that’s what the staff should come with. Technology has replaced a lot of the jobs that did exist – but even so, there don’t seem to be enough jobs to go round! What the jobless will be forced to do – is to employ themselves! And I’m not sure why they don’t. Either the thought hasn’t occurred to them (yet), or they haven’t got the right skills to do that either.

 Think about taking up a franchise as an option, or some sort of networking marketing business – e.g.  Jobs are scarce and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. This whole ‘recession’ is said to have not kicked in fully yet. We can see this, with the government  having to cut back – so you can’t look to them for job creation. They’re looking to us, the small & medium business sector to create new jobs. Problem is (and this is the cycle), those out of work don’t have the skills-set which the employers are looking for.

And / or there’s too many people with the same skills set for the numbers of jobs needed. Britain needs more manufacturing jobs. We need to produce more and do less paper-pushing, and yet no-one is opening up a factory anywhere close. Factories are expensive to run here. In the far east and Asia – the workers are cheaper, the quality is good – so they go there.

Even call centres (which isn’t physical manual labour) has gone elsewhere. Our call centre however IS based in the UK. We’re making and creating jobs here – and if you want to support the cause, or if you want your phone calls answered, just check out:

If you are looking for a job – a great book to read – The 21st Century Business Model will give you an idea of the new world order – how things are changing and the kind of skills you need to have to be in work today. The 21st Century Business Model - Book cover


British are the Thick Man of Europe!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Britain is number 28 in the global league table for maths & number 25 for reading! Yet, why am I not surprised? The amount of people who will say to us how they don’t like maths and can’t stand it… they don’t like numbers… It probably all stems back to a terrible time at school and just the way we teach our kids these days. The worst part of it, is that if people had maths explained to them or got to read enjoyable books from a young age… the fear / boredom / dread of the subject wouldn’t be so bad.

China, Singapore & South Korea make up the top 5 slots…. again, no surprise there either. Is it any wonder the Economy is where it is if the western world can’t add up properly?

Bookkeeping is mathematical in a sense – its the process of adding up and taking away… and a bit of divide and multiply… but it’s not ‘scary’ maths i.e. triganometry or pythagaros …

We identified a fear of maths some time ago, and for this reason developed a Maths game, for kids aged 5-11 years, because we know this is where it all first begins… in Primary School.  And because maths is very 1+1 = 2… and there is no other way around it… you can either solve the problem, or you can’t… there is no in-between.

Do check out the maths game – – screen shots etc., are on the site.

Something has to be done somewhere to improve our score – otherwise we will continue to be the thick man of Europe no, in fact the world!