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Seasons Greetings & Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Boogles Xmas

Some People Have All The Luck!

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Talk About Luck!

Where on earth are the cheap, reasonable, good accountants in London?!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

I wish I knew. We are CONSTANTLY asked for accountants on a daily basis. CONSTANTLY. So much so, I’m actually tempted to start an accountancy firm to just sort out these enquiries! To just give people the help that they want and need.

 Problem 1

 I want a cheap accountant

 Accountants, by definition, normally aren’t cheap. So you can’t recommend anyone to anyone else, as someone will only be embarrassing both parties. How can you tell someone whose made a ‘£500 profit’ that the accountant will cost about £1000?! It’s just not possible. They’ll be devastated. It defeats the whole purpose.


Problem 2

I want a reasonable accountant

Everyone’s definition of ‘reasonable’ is different. On the most part, they just want someone who can communicate. Who can respond to emails, pick up the phone, return messages promptly. I’m still looking too. The perception most people have of accountants are stuffy old men, sitting behind a huge desk, lots of paperwork, who look something like Santa Claus. They’ll call back those clients worth something to them. You, and your £500 profit are at the bottom of the list. Sorry.


Problem 3

I want a good accountant

This one is the most amusing. People aren’t asking for much. They don’t want ‘great’ they just want ‘good’ and they still can’t even find that.


To this conundrum, I’m afraid I have no answer. But we’re working on one.


The essential problem seems to be that accountants start off good – then, when a client who is worth more to them comes along, you get pushed to the side. They only contact you, when it’s time to do your accounts – so basically, to sell you their ‘service’ – no other reason. You won’t hear from them at any other time of year.


On the one hand, one solution is to make more than a £500 profit (and thus be more attractive to an accountant), on the other – this year, when you have no /little money… how on earth do you get your books done when you can’t find a cheap and good accountant?!


Keep asking around. And watch this blog spot!

Hello world!

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Hello and welcome to the Boogles Blog. This is the first post. My name is Boogles, and I’m a business owner. This blog is for all of you out there with dreams of starting up your own business or are running a business. When we began in 2004, with just £150 and not much else – we never believed we would be where we are today.

We help a lot of small businesses in running their business, by managing their bookkeeping process for them. It gives us a unique insight into how a lot of businesses out there operate – good and bad. We’ve seen and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly – but all names and dates will be changed to protect the innocent.

I do hope that we become an information source for you, your collegues, suppliers and customers.