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Money Maths Books

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Money Maths Books 3

We have our Boogles Money Maths series on Amazon.

Maths Books which will help your child to improve their maths skills.

Number Crunching for 9 – 11 year olds.

Only 8% of people can work it out…

Friday, October 19th, 2012

It’s unbelievable… but a recent study of UK adults, who were given various options, using 2100 units… only 8% could calculate the cheapest deal !!!

I’m not sure if this was supposed to be ‘basic’ maths, or ‘higher level’ maths… but it is rather shocking that generally, most people, can’t manage it.

We recognised that this starts from a young age, and so made a maths game which si free to play on facebook, so that you can practice maths:

See the article Only 8% can work out a saving.

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Maths Game – available for Kids – free on Facebook

Friday, June 1st, 2012

The Boogles Maths game has been added as an app on the facebook platform. You can play it here:


Money Maths – Book 2 – Number Work, 7-9 years

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Boogles the calculator has put together this action packed workbook – full of examples and exercises using maths and money. Maths is the type of skill that will help you throughout your life. Whatsmore, is that so many people are bad at it – that if you start off now, getting to grips with the numbers then you are going to be ahead of the game. Plus, being able to manage and understand money – is another key skill which we often forget starts with being able to read numbers.

Teachers / Parents / carers: You can photocopy the sheets for class exercises / homework / extra practice. Book available on Amazon:

To find out more about Boogles, and play the Boogles Maths game, visit:

Millions Struggle with Maths

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Copied from Yahoo:

“Can you do this maths test?”

Q1. To clean a work surface, how much bleach is needed in half a litre of water?

Use diluted

– for work surfaces and basins (40ml bleach in five litres water)
– for bleaching whites (20ml bleach in five litres water)
Soak for no longer than 45 minutes, rinse thoroughly

A) 2ml
B) 2.5ml
C) 4ml
D) 20ml

Q2. How much bleach do I need to use in 2 litres of water to bleach whites?

Use diluted

– for work surfaces and basins (40ml bleach in five litres water)
– for bleaching whites (20ml bleach in five litres water)
Soak for no longer than 45 minutes, rinse thoroughly

A) 5 litres
B) 20ml
C) 10ml
D) 8ml

Q3. The jacket potatoes and chicken joints have to be ready at 7.45 sharp.
When should Mick start to prepare them?

Chicken joints: five minutes to prepare, 35 minutes to cook.
Jacket potatoes: 15 minutes to prepare. One and a quarter hours to cook.

A) Potatoes at 6.15 and chicken at 7.05
B) Potatoes at 6.45 and chicken at 7.15
C) Potatoes at 6.30 and chicken at 7.05
D) Potatoes at 6.15 and chicken at 7.30

Q4. Four friends have joined a gym to lose weight and get fit. After one month they recorded their weight loss on a chart.  How much weight have they lost between them?

Weight loss after one month

Jo – 500 grams
Hasran – 1 kilograms
Kevin – 1 kilograms 200grams
Cathy – 750 grams

A) 2 kilograms
B) 2 kilograms 450 grams
C) 3 kilograms
D) 3 kilograms 450 grams

It is shocking if adults cannot figure these things out. But, we stay – start off young, and maths is a life skill that you will use over and over and over again….

Our CD for kids aged 5-11years is a start:

For the answers – scroll down


Q1. C – 4ml
Q2. D – 8ml
Q3. A – Potatoes at 6.15 and chicken at 7.05
Q4. D – 3kg 450g

Free Schools – the answer? or not?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

There is a lot of news lately about ‘Free Schools’, and if you are a parent – maybe you should be concerned. For those of you that don’t know Free Schools are based on the same ethos as acadamies; They are free to set their own budgets their own curriculum’s, their own hours and are even free from local council control… its a free market!


In September between 10-20 of these schools are set to open. This month, the Guardian reported that the walkout over pension changes could lead to the closure of up to 20,000 primary and secondary schools in England and the government has yet to reveal the cost of the free school project… it doesn’t seem to make any sense! To top it off there is no guarantee to parents that there will be good places available to their children. A uni professor has raised concerns that these schools could take the best teachers, pupils and funding away from already failing schools…


All kids just need a fair chance. A level playing field. One where merit does actually count for something!


But right now, it doesn’t seem to exist. It’s a postcode lottery. If you can afford to live in a good area, with a good school – your life chances are better than those who don’t.


So, taking your child’s education into your own hands is important, now more than ever just giving them a little head start with their learning can make all the difference especially with 1 in 4 kids leaving primary school unable to read or write properly. Yes 25% of primary school pupils, at leaving age – are being failed by the system. Has the government addressed this issue? No, it has taken a little paper like the Evening Standard to launch a literacy campaign!


Take a look at – we have maths books & games aimed at 5-11 yr olds which try and make learning the concept of maths and money a fun experience. There is also a FREE membership club for kids and plenty of games and puzzles to try.


British are the Thick Man of Europe!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Britain is number 28 in the global league table for maths & number 25 for reading! Yet, why am I not surprised? The amount of people who will say to us how they don’t like maths and can’t stand it… they don’t like numbers… It probably all stems back to a terrible time at school and just the way we teach our kids these days. The worst part of it, is that if people had maths explained to them or got to read enjoyable books from a young age… the fear / boredom / dread of the subject wouldn’t be so bad.

China, Singapore & South Korea make up the top 5 slots…. again, no surprise there either. Is it any wonder the Economy is where it is if the western world can’t add up properly?

Bookkeeping is mathematical in a sense – its the process of adding up and taking away… and a bit of divide and multiply… but it’s not ‘scary’ maths i.e. triganometry or pythagaros …

We identified a fear of maths some time ago, and for this reason developed a Maths game, for kids aged 5-11 years, because we know this is where it all first begins… in Primary School.  And because maths is very 1+1 = 2… and there is no other way around it… you can either solve the problem, or you can’t… there is no in-between.

Do check out the maths game – – screen shots etc., are on the site.

Something has to be done somewhere to improve our score – otherwise we will continue to be the thick man of Europe no, in fact the world!